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Yau CIP 7 peach saplings a few years results// Yau CIP 6-6 peach saplings and Taian High-tech Zone Yuemei horticulture farm peach sapling planting base produces a large number of peach seedlings all year round, finished grafted seedlings, real peach seedlings, covering an area of large peach saplings, many varieties, full specifications, cheap, good quality, the main varieties of peach saplings are: Qiutong, CIP 36-5, 6-6, early Jinxia, CIP 5, CIP 7, CIP 11, CIP 13, CIP 17, CNC 20. Oil CIP 7-7, Splendid Yellow Peach, Jade Fei, Spring Snow, Golden Autumn Red Honey, Winter Peach, etc. Every customer can see the entire seedling process. Once again, fruit farmers are reminded to be cautious about buying seedlings. They must visit the field. Agricultural investment is laborious and laborious, and there is a return on what they pay. I hope every grower can get good seedlings, grow good fruits, and pay a good price. Information consultation on peach seedlings in our horticulture farm1. Perennial peach seedlings and peach seedling procurement contracts. 2. Peach seedling planting technical service, peach seedling planting, pruning, etc. 3. Peach seedling information consultation. 4. Quarantine, transportation, and moisturizing mailing business all year round. Express delivery and logistics generally arrive in 2-3 days. The peach saplings produced are sold all over the country all year round. Welcome new and old customers to inquire! Newly planted peach saplings are managed throughout the year for about the second half of January and April-May planting. By late April, the dried seedlings that have come alive have begun to sprout and soon spread their leaves. At this time, all sprouts 60cm above the ground on the peach sapling trunk should be carefully erased to facilitate the germination of useful shoots in the upper part. Sprouts more than 60 cm from the ground can be allowed to spread leaves naturally. When 7-8 leaves grow from the tip, top the competition tip. Never top the extended tip, so that it grows upright and upward, and is in an advantageous position. 2. In May-6 months (1) spray fertilization: As the leaf volume increases and the harm gets worse, spray a fungicide (800 times the liquid of thiobacterin or fluorosilazole) once. Spraying is required before 9:00 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m. (2) Ground top dressing and watering: 5kg of urea is applied per mu, 4 points per hole, 20-25cm deep, 30cm away from the trunk, so as not to burn roots. Watering 2-3 days after top dressing is beneficial to exerting the fertilizer effect. (3) Insects: Pests aphids and pears from late May to early June. Octyphosate 1500 times liquid+micro fertilizer or M one JFN raw powder 1000 times liquid (made in the United States) +20% cetazole 1500 times liquid. In March, June-July, the weather was extremely hot, the humidity increased, and the pests worsened. Spray 25% urea 1500 times liquid+ is good for peach tree tip control and flower promotion. If you can't control it, spray it again in 15-20 days. In late June, in order to promote the healthy growth of new tips of peach saplings, 50kg of organic and inorganic biological fertilizer was applied per mu, 30cm from the trunk, 6-8 points of soil, and a depth of 20-30cm. After April, July-August enters August, the weather is hot and the branches are long, so be sure to play 150-60 times the liquid PBO again. At the same time, spray key fertilizer (1000 times wormwood boron liquid) once to facilitate mature flowers and ripening of branches. Remove sprouts below 60cm near the ground from the trunk at any time. In May and August-September, this period of peach saplings is a good time to apply base fertilizer. The soil temperature and humidity are appropriate, broken roots heal quickly, and can also emit new roots, which is conducive to absorbing more nutrients and safe wintering of young trees. (1) Apply 120kg of organic and inorganic biological fertilizer+decayed organic fertilizer 5m or 200kg base 50cm ditch per mu of 1-year-old trees. Mix well with fertilizer and soil, and water after 3 days. (2) Apply 150kg organic and inorganic biological fertilizer+decayed organic fertilizer 6m or 250kg base fertilizer per mu for 2-year-old trees. Apply the same method as g organic and inorganic biological fertilizer. The fertilization ditch is dug along the way, 30-40cm deep and 40-50cm wide. Same as above for casting spells. (4) 415th graders spray 0.2% urea+ “sharp 3000" 1000 times liquid once in June and October to increase tree storage and nutrition, so as to facilitate safe wintering of trees and shoots. Peach saplings during this period in July and November began to fall leaves and went dormant. Depending on the condition of the soil, pour the soil. In order to prevent stripping, the whole tree is sprayed with antifreeze once for about 2 months.

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Company name:Taian Yuemei Seedling Co., Ltd
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