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Hunan Shuangfeng Pig Farm Sewage Treatment Environmental Protection Equipment Compliance Plan - Zhuyuan 002 Livestock and poultry farm sewage mainly includes urine, partial manure and flushing water. It is a high-concentration organic sewage, and has a large content of suspensions and ammonia nitrogen. Our company has a treatment process system to reduce the concentration of COD and BOD through anaerobic reaction, and then reduce the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus through denitrification and phosphorus removal to achieve safe discharge. For specific details on sewage treatment, you can call WeChat to design a plan according to the actual situation of sewage. 02 02 The harm of livestock and poultry farming sewage to the environment: 02 02 With the rapid development of animal husbandry in China, livestock and poultry farming scale is getting bigger and bigger, large-scale farms discharge large amounts of wastewater every day, and the wastewater contains a lot of pollutants. It is a high-concentration organic wastewater rich in a large number of pathogens. Direct discharge into the water body or storage area 02 o'clock is inappropriate, washed into the water body by rain, may cause the surface Serious deterioration in the quality of water or groundwater. Such as heavy metals, residual veterinary drugs, and a large number of pathogens, etc., so if discharged to the environment or direct agricultural use without treatment, it will cause serious pollution of the local ecological environment and farmland. 0202 Pig farm sewage treatment equipment process introduction: 02 02 At present, there are many anaerobic processes used to treat livestock and poultry farm wastewater in China. Among them, the following are commonly used: anaerobic filter (AF), upstream anaerobic sludge bed (UASB), composite anaerobic reactor (UASB+AF), two-stage anaerobic digestion method and up-flow sludge bed reactor (USR), etc. 02 02 Livestock and poultry farming sewage treatment: 02 02 Aerobic treatment refers to a process that uses aerobic microorganisms to treat aquaculture wastewater. Aerobic biological treatments can be divided into two categories: natural aerobic treatment and artificial aerobic treatment. 02 02 The natural aerobic biological treatment method uses natural water bodies and microorganisms in the soil to purify wastewater. It is also known as the natural biological treatment method. There are two main types of water purification and soil purification. The former mainly include oxidation ponds (aerobic ponds, combined ponds, anaerobic ponds) and breeding ponds; the latter mainly includes land treatment (slow filtration, rapid filtration, ground diffusion) and artificial wetlands. The natural biological treatment method not only has low infrastructure costs and low power consumption, but the removal rate of nutrients and bacteria such as organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus that are difficult to biochemically degrade is also higher than that of conventional secondary treatment, and some can achieve the effect of tertiary treatment. In addition, under certain conditions, the law can realize the resource utilization of sewage in conjunction with sewage irrigation. The disadvantages of the law are mainly the large land area and the susceptibility of treatment effects to seasonal effects. However, if the farm is small and there are abandoned ditches and flats nearby, this should be chosen as much as possible to save investment and treatment costs. 02020202 02 Artificial aerobic biological treatment is a wastewater treatment that uses artificial enhanced oxygen supply to improve the activity of aerobic microorganisms. The main ones are activated sludge method, 02 biological filter, biological turntable, biological contact oxidation method, sequential batch activated sludge method (S-B-R), anaerobic/aerobic (A/O) and oxidation ditch method. In terms of treatment effects, the treatment effect of the contact oxidation method and the biological turntable is better than the activated sludge method. Although the treatment effect of the biological filter is also very good, the filter is prone to clogging. Oxidation trenches, S-B-R and A/O processes are all improved activated sludge methods. The discharge water quality of the oxidation ditch is good and the amount of mud generated is small. The sewage can also be denitrified, but the BOD load of the treatment is small, the floor area is large, and the operating cost is high. The SBR method has a high degree of automation and control and can treat sewage in depth, but its disadvantage is that the BOD load is small and the one-time investment is large. A/O body is an activated sludge treatment process that combines BOD removal and denitrification. Although its investment is too large, the water treated by this method is easy to discharge to the standard. Therefore, the A/O method can be selected for farms with large aquaculture scale, large wastewater generation, and strong economic capacity, while aerobic treatment processes such as contact oxidation and biological turntables can be selected for medium-sized farms.

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