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Commodity Address: Wangfen Jinjia Industrial Park, Qingzhou, Shandong

Company name: Qingzhou Hexing Food Co., Ltd.

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Qingzhou Hexing Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: persimmons, hawthorn cakes, dried taro artificial drying method. This method product has a bright yellow color, sweet and fragrant taste, good frost and high quality. Operation points: 1. Raw materials and pretreatment: same as natural drying. 2. Baking: After the persimmons are in the oven, the ignition is heated to 40℃ and kept warm. Ventilate and drain moisture once every 2 hours for 15-20 minutes each time (or exhaust fan for 5 minutes). After about 2 days, the noodles are slightly white and knead the cake again. When pinching, it should be light to prevent the outer layer from being crushed. Then stabilize the oven temperature at 40~45℃, bake continuously for 20 hours, and strengthen ventilation. The temperature should not exceed 50℃ during this period to facilitate astringency. When the fruit noodles appear, pinch the cake for the second time. At this time, the persimmons are basically astringent. You can raise the temperature of the oven to 50~55℃ for 20 hours. Pay attention to ventilation and moisture removal, and flip the fruit at the same time to make the heat evenly. When the persimmons are almost dry and slightly wrinkled, make a third pinch of cake. Use your thumbs and index fingers to knead a dish shape with a thin edge in the middle outward from the center of the fruit. Squeeze the heart close to the fruit to prevent the top of the fruit from shrinking. After that, the temperature of the oven drops to around 45℃ and continues to evaporate. And strengthen ventilation until the inside and outside is basically the same soft and hard. Put the cake back to soft and cream. The tannic acid in persimmon cakes can form compounds that cannot be absorbed by the human body with minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron in food, so that these nutrients cannot be used, so eating more persimmons can easily lead to a deficiency of these minerals. Also because it contains a lot of sugar, people feel more full when eating persimmons than eating the same amount of apples and raw pears, which affects appetite and reduces meal intake. Persimmon cake is high in sugar and contains pectin. After eating, a part of it always remains in the mouth, especially in the teeth. With the weakly acidic tannic acid, it is easy to erode and form teeth, so it is advisable to drink a few sips of water or gargle in time after eating. What is the white frost on the surface of persimmons The “white frost” on the surface of persimmons has always been quite mysterious. Some say that this layer of “white frost” is a moisture-proof additive, some say it is some kind of mold, etc., but in fact the ingredients of this layer of “white frost” are very common. Its main ingredient is glucose powder. Persimmon itself is a fruit with a high sugar content, but at the same time it also has a high water content, so persimmons under normal conditions have enough water to dissolve those sugars. However, when persimmons are made into persimmons, moisture is rapidly lost during air drying and dehydration, so naturally the sugar in them begins to gradually precipitate out on the surface. The main component of these sugars is glucose. This sugar itself is not particularly sweet, and it is not easy to absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, it appears in the physical form of “white frost” on the surface of persimmons, giving persimmons a sweet and not greasy flavor in the mouth.

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Company name:Qingzhou Hexing Food Co., Ltd.
Company address:Wangfen Jinjia Industrial Park, Qingzhou, Shandong

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