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P90B rake bucket rock loader keywords: pickling machine, rake bucket rock loader, rock loader, electric rock loader, P90B rake bucket rock loader, grilling machine manufacturer, rake bucket rock loader pictures, rock loader model, electric rock loader parameters, P90B picker, P90B rake bucket rock loader, P60B rake bucket rock loader, P30B rake bucket rock machine, P15B rake bucket rock machine use: P90B type rake bucket rock loader The series products are suitable for loading rocks in horizontal roadways and inclined mountains with an inclination angle of less than 35 degrees and 90 degree turning lanes. It can be used with minecars or miners. P90B rake bucket rock loader (rock rake machine) is used in small coal mines and large mining areas roadway excavation with MGC1.1 fixed car box minecar or pan for loading rock and semi-coal rock P90B rake bucket rock loader Scope of application P90B rake bucket loader (rock rake machine) is suitable for loading operations with a 2.9-meter mine truck or pan hopper in rock tunnel excavation. It is suitable for roadways with a net height of more than 2.8 meters and a net section of 16 or more. It has the characteristics of simple production, simple structure and convenient operation. It can be used in semi-coal rocks or rock lanes, and can be used for both flat lanes and rock surface loading for excavation work up and down mountains. If two tail wheels are added, parallel work between tunneling and loading processes can be carried out in the corner roadway. P90B rake bucket rock machine product parameters: production efficiency: 95-140m06/h, bucket volume: 0.9m06, main rope traction: 31.0-50.0KN, wheel distance: 600mm/900mm, motor model: YBB45-4, voltage: 380/660V, motor power: 45KW, weight: 9800KG, roadway cross-sectional area of 16㎡, Height: 2800mm Dimensions: 8610*2050*2745mmP90b rake bucket rock machine Product composition: P90B rake bucket rock machine (grilling machine) is mainly composed of fixed wedge, tail wheel, rake bucket, transmission part (including steering mechanism, trolley, winch), guide wheel, feed trough (feed groove, intermediate groove, chute) and electrical parts and other main components. The rock rake machine mainly draws the main rope and tail rope through the two sets of rollers of the winch, so that the rake bucket is reciprocated and linked. The rake bucket chucks the rock into the feeding groove, and unloads the rock into the minecar through the middle groove to the discharging port of the discharging groove, so that rock loading is realized. The electrical equipment (including motor), torque switch, magnetic starter, lighting, etc. of the P90B rock rake bucket (rock rake machine) can be flameproof, so it can be used in mines where gas and dust are at risk of explosion. 02 Jining Tengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. produces and distributes all kinds of rake bucket rock machine, model P15B rake bucket rock machine; P30B rake bucket rock machine; P60B rake bucket rock machine; P90B rake bucket rock machine, rake bucket accessories: rope wheel, rake teeth, tail wheel, rake bucket, brake belt, feed groove, intermediate groove, trolley, discharge trough, all kinds of Customers from all over the world are welcome to purchase gears, etc. 02 Sales Engineer: Sun Xia02

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Company name:Jining Tengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jining, Shandong

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