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6HYC-180K (304 type) water mist smoke dual-use machine 02 epidemic prevention disinfection sprayer, mist, smoke spray machine, water mist, smoke dual-use machine, pulse spray machine, disinfection machine, breeding disinfection smoke machine, agricultural mist, fruit and vegetable greenhouse pesticide sprayer, sprayer, backpack sprayer 02 smoke machine must be designed and manufactured using the principle of pulse jet The application, fertilization, insecticide and sterilization smoke machine machine. The machine can make fertilizer into smoke, has excellent penetrability and persistence, good adhesion, strong rainwater scouring resistance, convenient operation, greatly reduced dosage, good operation, good brake sterilization, environmental protection, etc. 02 Advantages: 1. Good dispensing effect: Double tube independent water cooling system protects against loss, greatly guarantees the efficacy of the drug, and gives you more protection. 022. Save dosage: protected by water cooling, not afraid of high temperature failure, no need to clean the inner tube, good atomization, low dosage can be reduced to half of the original dosage, less medicine can achieve better results, save medicine and worry. 023. Low fuel consumption: The oil supply structure design reduces unnecessary gasoline loss. Only 3L of oil is required per hour, and it can be easily sprayed on 3 acres of land, saving fuel and money. 024. Easy to use: easy to start, convenient interface, the body is separated from the medicine box, and the medicine change is simple and easy, and the additional bucket for two people to cooperate with uninterrupted application, doubling the efficiency, more convenient and faster. 025. High, your investment is good value for money, spend less money, more protection, greater benefits, and more peace of mind. 02 A water mist machine with guaranteed efficacy, fuel-saving and drug-saving, and convenient to use. 02 Scope of use 021. Pest spray for forests, nurseries, orchards, tea plantations. 022. Spraying pests and diseases of field crops such as fruit trees, greenhouses, cotton, wheat, rice, corn, etc., and large-scale grassland diseases and pests 023, garden flowers and trees in cities and suburbs, vegetable gardens and plastic greenhouses. 024. Sanitation and disinfection of hospitals, conference rooms, theaters, stadiums, piers, stations, buses, passenger trains. 025. Disinfection and sterilization of urban sewers and heating channels, basements, air defense streams and various cargo warehouses. 026. Disinfection and sterilization treatment of hotels, entertainment venues, shopping malls, homes and other places. 027. Disinfection and sterilization of livestock and poultry breeding sites such as cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, etc. 028. Disinfection of garbage dumps, toilets, garbage passages of high-rise buildings, and canteens. 029. Disinfection and sterilization treatment of food processing plants, dairy factories, grain processing plants, wineries and other places. 0210. It is used for disinfection and sterilization of infectious diseases and epidemic diseases that occur in a large area of urban public places. 0211. Frost protection in the early stages of fruit trees flowering. 02 model: 6HYC-180K (304 type) machine material: titanium +304 stainless steel burst tube material: 304 stainless steel start mode: electric start medicine box capacity: 7.5L*2 (15L) fuel tank capacity: 2L displacement: 96cc flow: 100L/hour carburetor: Rising carburetor*2 battery specifications: 12V rechargeable lithium battery igniter: 12V igniter fuel consumption: 2.6L/hour water mist distance: 8-10 meters (still wind) smoke distance: 30-50 meters (still wind) weight: main body 7.6KG+medicine box 1.5KG Size: 1100*220*330mm02 Sales engineer: Sun Xia

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Company name:Jining Tengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jining, Shandong

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