Supply Tengyu TYPC-160 gasoline bidirectional vibrating plate compactor


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Bidirectional vibrating plate rammer 02 plate compactor manufacturer, vibrating rammer, bidirectional vibrating plate rammer, reversible plate rammer, shandong vibrating ramming machine, tenyu vibrating rammer, unidirectional plate rammer, vibrating plate rammer, electric plate rammer, gasoline plate rammer, unidirectional vibration rammer, diesel plate rammer, shandong rammer ramming machine rammer manufacturer unidirectional plate rammer 02 1, Product name: bidirectional vibrating plate rammer 2. The bidirectional plate compaction performance is compact in structure, small in size, large in excitation force, and convenient for switching sites. It can be used in modern highways, municipalities, squares, trenches and corner roads and maintenance work. High power, low noise, convenient operation, adjustable folding handle, convenient storage. Strong strength and work. 3. Uses of bidirectional plate compactor: the product has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful appearance, great impact depth, stable operation, no dead spots, etc. It is used to consolidate engineering foundations, curbs, asphalt pavements when constructing pavements, streets, buildings, canals, bridges in highways, municipal administration, construction, water conservancy and other fields. 4. Bidirectional plate compactor technical parameters: Model: TYPC-160 engine: Honda GX160 gasoline/Changfa 170FE diesel engine power: 5.5 hp/3.8 horsepower/2.5KW power form: air-cooled four-stroke single cylinder compaction depth: 30cm compaction area: 700*370mm (ramming plate area) excitation force: 30KN climbing capacity: less than or equal to 20 degrees Walking speed: 6-16m/min Frequency: 48HZ Weight: 140KG02 Jining Tengyu produces small hand-held single-wheel roller, single-wheel heavy-duty roller, hand-operated two-wheel diesel roller, hand-held two-wheel gasoline roller, small driving roller, bidirectional vibrating plate rammer, concrete leveling machine, plastering machine, pavement cutting machine, road electric milling machine, Welcome to pavement machinery such as internal combustion milling machines and vibrators E-chat is light! , quality! 02 Sales Engineer: Sun Xia

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Company name:Jining Tengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jining, Shandong

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