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CNC rebar bending machine 02 rebar bending machine manufacturer Anhui round steel bending machine Beijing round steel bending machine 02 automatic rebar bending machine Shandong Jining rebar bending rebar bending machine Shanghai rebar bending machine Buy rebar bending machine Come to Jining Tengyu Perfect service stable quality 02 rebar bending machine is mainly suitable for rebar used in various operations such as bridges, tunnels, high altitude, etc. in construction work The curvature Molded, this product has passed CE certification and is exported to foreign countries. It adopts contactless switch sensor and embedded microcomputer control, which overcomes the disadvantage of large bending angle error of traditional bending machine, and is a replacement product of traditional bending machine. Rebar bending machine main parameters: WQ-40 bending: bending round steel diameter 6-40mm (round steel a3) 02 or 8-36mm (rebar) bending speed 5r/min02 high speed 10r/min (adjustable) motor model 02y100l2-4 power 02023kw voltage 0202380v02 motor speed 1420 rev/min Dimensions: (length* width* High): 900*780*7600 weight: 450kgWQ-50 bending: bending steel bar diameter: 6-50mm (a3 round steel) or 6-44 (rebar) working disc diameter: 420mm working plate speed: 12r/min02 high speed 25r/min (adjustable) motor model: a 12m-4 motor power: 4kw motor speed: 1440r/min voltage: 380v Dimensions: (length* width* height): 960*900*737mm Weight: 500kg Jining Tengyu Machinery Co., Ltd. Continuously, concrete row type concrete row 02 four-roller paver 02 has won the favor of our customers with excellent product quality! Tengyu Machinery is making every effort to build a small-scale construction machinery production base nationwide! Continuously Tengyu company sells all kinds of pavement equipment, walk-behind single wheel rollers, vibrating rollers, small rollers, hand rollers, single steel wheel rollers, small walk-behind rollers, double wheel rollers, double steel wheel rollers, concrete leveling machines, plate compactors, pavement cutters, milling machines, epoxy grinders, steel strands, threading machine, concrete vibrating beam, concrete leveling machine, frame leveling machine, paver , hand leveling machine, vibrating ruler, gasoline vibrating ruler, gasoline plastering machine, hand plastering machine, electric trowel, cement plastering machine, floor polisher, trench compactor, backfill compactor, pavement roller, 3T roller, driving roller, etc. Based on the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, the company will work hand in hand with you in the spirit of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and seek common development. Sales Engineer: Sun Xia

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Company name:Jining Tengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jining, Shandong

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