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ZK19 mining orbital air drill perfect service stable quality 1.02ZK19 mining orbital air drill has the characteristics of safety and explosion-proof, light weight, small size, simple structure, convenient use, etc. Compared with manual wrench drilling, the utility model can greatly improve the efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and is convenient to operate and accurate in positioning. It can also be used for drilling, reaming, tapping, etc. on metal and non-metal materials. 2.zk19 mining orbital air drill working pressure 0.4-0.63MPa 02 rated working speed 165r/min rated torque 35 N•m large torque>60N•m idle speed >330 r/min rated power 0.66kw air consumption 1.98m3/min Noise <118db(a)> machine weight 5.8 KG pipe inner diameter 16mm3.zk19 mining rail air drill common troubleshooting reasons maintenance 02 the whole machine does not turn 1. The air path does not work 2. Blade stuck 1. Maintenance pipeline and filter 2. Cleaning the air motor replacement blade 02 Speed reduction, torque reduction 1.02 Air motor wear is serious 2.02 The wind pressure is too low <0.4mpa3.02 Intake is insufficient 1.02 Replace wear parts (blades, cylinders Cover ) 2.02 pressurized 3.02 cleaning filter small diameter should not be less than 10MM diameter Tengyu company produces all kinds of mining equipment, railway rail transit equipment, such as: hydraulic starter, KFY1-15 hydraulic reseter/hydraulic rerail machine hydraulic rail bender, locomotive drop rail reset, handheld hydraulic coal drill, hydraulic coal drill, hydraulic drill, wind coal drill YGI-300 hydraulic extrusion machine, steel rail sander, YGI -500 hydraulic extruders, YGI-1050 hydraulic extruders, hydraulic bender, electric saw rail, hydraulic puller, hydraulic starter, hydraulic square pillow, YFZ-80 hydraulic square pillow, hydraulic push roller, single hydraulic slide, rack and rack starter, hydraulic starter, U-shaped steel bracket, U-shaped steel caran, anchor, tray, mesh, 10 T starter, 15T starter hydraulic hole extractor, Hydraulic resetters, etc., as well as some factory equipment, hydraulic puller (hydraulic puller), hydraulic column lifter, integral hydraulic wire rope cutting machine, split hydraulic wire rope cutter, welcome to call and negotiate. 02 Sales Engineer: Sun Xia

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Company name:Jining Tengyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address:Jining, Shandong

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