Pinmai CNC four-sided sawing door for regular cutting and milling engraving of aluminum plate


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02 CNC four-side saw machining center is mainly used for solid wood door sizing, plate and solid wood furniture production, all-aluminum furniture cutting, non-metallic materials drilling, engraving, cutting and other processes. The machine is equipped with a rotary saw that can be cut at any angle, equipped with an automatic tool change spindle with a large capacity tool magazine that can carry out engraving, milling, drilling, cutting and unloading, etc. ◆ Thick-walled welded steel heavy-duty gantry and bed, gantry mobile structure, high speed operation, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, high-speed cutting is not easy to break edges, continuous knife. ◆Combined saw blade return, slot saw broken skin main saw cutting, avoid single saw blade cutting edge and milling cutter return wood cracking bad, and the processing is efficient, and the production capacity can reach 150-160 sheets in 8 hours for wooden door gauge processing. ◆9.0KW high-power air-cooled tool changer spindle, with large capacity servo tool magazine, can quickly change tools, suitable for various processing processes such as drilling, grooving, engraving and milling cutter cutting and unloading. ◆Taiwan's Delta humanized control system, optional interface in Chinese and foreign languages, pad cleaning, one-button processing of fixing holes, simple operation. ◆ Vacuum adsorption table fixed workpiece, suitable for arbitrary cutting of materials, double grid format countertop to ensure that small materials do not run board equipment parameters (saw blade) processing size: 1100*2400*65mm (spindle) processing size: 1220*2440*80mm feed speed: X, Y axis 65m/min Z axis 20m/min Transmission mode: X, Y axis rack Z axis screw (saw blade) processing Speed: 10m/min (spindle) processing speed: 20m/min spindle: 9KW (air cooled) 24000RPM saw blade motor: 5.5KW+1.5KW control system: Delta system drive system: Delta servo drive main electrical components: France Schneider main pneumatic components: Taiwan Yadek dimensions: 3000*3800*2300mm work surface: double vacuum Adsorption table power, voltage, air pressure: 15KW (excluding vacuum pump, vacuum cleaner), 3P AC 380V/50HZ Equipment quality: 3000KG Pre-sale service ① Free consulting services on product functions, applicable industries, technical parameters, product prices, etc. ② Recommend suitable CNC equipment and panel furniture production line matching solutions for customers. In-sale service ① Free car pick-up service is provided when customers come to the factory for inspection. ② Equipped with professionals to explain the product in detail and comprehensively, and answer the doubts and unclear points raised by customers about the product. ③ Provide customers with on-site processing demonstrations, proofing, and visits to old customers' production plants for free. After-sales Service ① The company provides free technical and software training for life. ② Free on-site installation and debugging after the equipment arrives at the factory. The whole machine is free of charge for one year, and on-site maintenance for life. ③ Fault repair, response within 10 minutes, clear reply within 2 hours, on-site processing within 48 hours, and the entire fault handling is completed within 72 hours.

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Company name:Jinan Pinmai CNC Equipment Co., Ltd
Company address:Jinan Pinmai CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

Pinmai CNC four-sided sawing door for regular cutting and milling engraving of aluminum plate product details

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