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The high slurry pump is suitable for river dredging, dredging and fixing embankment, and multiple mud pumps to transport media containing solid particles. The mud hydraulic overflow parts are all made of cast iron or cast steel, with good performance, 600-1200 square meters per hour, and horizontal conveying distance of more than 2,500 meters. This series of products is designed and manufactured by absorbing foreign technology. In addition to the main impeller, a set of stirring impellers is added to the bottom of the water pump, which can spray the precipitated sludge into turbulent flow, and the water pump can achieve high concentration conveying without auxiliary devices. The operational reliability of the sealing device extends its service life. The electrode adopts overheating protection, and various protective devices such as near-water detection can be added according to user requirements, and can operate safely for a long time under harsh working conditions. Conditions of use: 1. the power supply is 50Hz/380V three-phase AC power supply, and the capacity of the distribution transformer is 2-3 times the rated capacity of the motor. 2、The medium temperature shall not exceed 60℃, does not contain flammable and explosive gases. 3. large weight concentration of solid particles in the medium: ash is 45%, slag is 60%. 4.crew diving depth: not more than 20 meters, small diving depth is subject to submerged motor. 5. the working position of the unit in the medium is vertical, and the working state is continuous. Its main characteristics are as follows: 1. The whole machine is a dry motor under-pump structure. The motor is protected by a mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent high-pressure water and impurities from entering the inner cavity of the motor. 2. In addition to the main impeller, it is also equipped with a stirring impeller, which can stir the sludge precipitated at the bottom of the water into a turbulent flow and then extract it out. 3. The main overflow parts such as impeller and stirring impeller are made of high materials, no damage, no clogging, strong sewage discharge capacity, and can effectively pass large solid particles. 4. Not limited by suction range, slag suction, dredging. 5. No auxiliary vacuum pump is needed, and the investment is lower. 6. No auxiliary stirring or spraying device is needed, and the operation is easier. 7. The motor submerges underwater, and there is no need to build complex ground protection and fixing devices, and management is easier. 8. The stirring impeller is in direct contact with the deposition surface, and the concentration is controlled through the diving depth, so the concentration control is more free. 9. The equipment directly submerges underwater to work, no noise and vibration, and the site is cleaner. Product introduction: Products, the power range is from 2.2kW~315kW, the flow range is from 10m3/h to 2500m3/h, and the head range is from 7m to 700m. All products have achieved full head and no overload. The company persevered in the technology of the product, solved the technical key problems of the submersible electric pump for sewage and sand discharge in the product structure, parameter optimization, manufacturing process, operation efficiency, sealing and leakage prevention, material application, etc., with more than 20 technologies, applied a number of new research results, formed a mature motor and electric pump manufacturing process. Compared with similar products in China, it has light and practical, good sewage and sand discharge performance and use It has the advantages of long service life, reasonable type spectrum, and convenient type selection. Features: 1. Model screening: Optimized performance, smooth operation without clogging, strong sewage and sand discharge capacity, the pump has no overload (full head) characteristics, that is, the input power used at any working condition does not exceed the power of the supporting motor. It is suitable for various occasions underground in coal mines, and can be used multiple times in one machine. 2. Machine seal improvement: independent series mechanical seal and double end mechanical seal are adopted. 3. Structural optimization: the structural design has the sealing property of the machine seal, stable operation and high reliability; optimized design, lighter use, and low energy consumption. It can be operated empty for a long time without water. The scope of application is ten: 1, cleaning municipal sewage pipe cleaning, silting pool cleaning, cesspool cleaning, drainage canal cleaning, lifting pump room cleaning, pipeline manhole cleaning; 2, sewage network cleaning, river cleaning, flood control and dredging construction, river dredging, flood control dredging, sunken well engineering construction, underwater dredging wharf cleaning, fly ash cleaning, River silt cleaning, cleaning and dredging underground drainage pipelines, and cleaning sewage pipes; 3. Factory cleaning sewage sinking tank, sewage tank mud cleaning, fish pond silt cleaning, etc.; 4, cleaning sedimentation tank, cleaning industrial wastewater tank, sedimentation tank cleaning, cleaning manhole, cleaning sewage plant collection well, cleaning silt tank, etc.; 5, construction site bridge piling mud paddle, sewage treatment plant sedimentation tank cleaning, silt cleaning, pumping room Silt tank cleaning, power plant pool cleaning, etc.

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Company name:Shandong Woquan Pump Co., Ltd.
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